Why Powder?


Paint stinks. Really. Volatile Organic Compounds, fumes and toxic substances that can pollute a work site or a water table. Powder coating has no VOCs, no fumes. It’s prepared at our facility so it leaves your site clean.

It’s more durable. Powder coating is more resistant to chipping, scratching, UV damage and rust. If you paint, you’ll need to touch it up in a few years, and re-paint a few years after that. Powder coating will look good year after year.

It makes the metal last. In exterior or highly corrosive application, we expect our duplex coatings to increase the life of the underlying metal. Powder coating will add 25 to 50 percent to the life span. Our hot-dip galvanizing process gives metal that we expect to last 75 years in an industrial application. Powder coating will expand that lifespan. Durability for a century.

It’s cleaner. Powder is applied in our environmentally-controlled facility and can be applied year-round.


It’s versatile. We can powder coat virtually any item that can fit on a tractor-trailer and ship it to your site ready to install.


It’s quicker.
 Because we prepare your products in our facility, you don’t have to worry about temperature, humidity, wind and inclement weather. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in controlled conditions to avoid delays. We work indoors, so weather is not a problem.