The LEED Solution

Fortress Fusion helps you meet LEED certification and environmental standards.

Our zero-emission facility recycles virtually everything we use: pigment, steel, aluminum zinc and preparation materials. Since all of our products are prepared at our facility, your work site is safe from VOCs, fumes, run-off and other environmental hazards.

Our shop-applied coatings make it easier to obtain these LEED credits:

  • Credit IEQ3.1 - Construction Indoor Air Quality, During Construction
  • Credit IEQ3.2 - Construction Indoor Air Quality, Before Occupancy
  • Credit IEQ4.2 - Low-Emitting Materials, Paints and Coatings

Our powder coats produce no paint waste, and our controlled environment complies with all state and federal regulations. On your project, Fortress Fusion's durability means you avoid the hazards of repainting, and the metals you use will be recyclable.